Hello Mississippi....

Hello Mississippi....

January 27, 2021

You can probably tell, I'm not much of a blogger.  However, during this time where it's so much more difficult and rare to be able to connect with our stores... it's all the more precious when we have the opportunity to do so.  Mark with Me & Henry and I are taking a few days between markets to visit some of our amazing boutique customers in Mississippi.  (Don't worry... lots of mask wearing and hand sanitizing going on!)  

Today was the first day of our trip through Mississippi and we are so grateful for the hospitality and fun along the way.... restaurant recommendations, gifts of masks and fancy coffees, beautiful displays of Spring Vignette and Me & Henry... and even getting to watch actual customers come into stores and scoop up all their Vignette favorites as soon as the hit the floor!!!!!  

Head on over to our Instagram @vignettegirls to see pictures and interviews... but we wanted to share tours of the stores here so you can see all the lovely places you can find your Vignette favorites!

Aiden + Ollie in Southaven/Memphis... CLICK HERE TO TOUR THE STORE

Tater Tots in Hernando... CLICK HERE TO TOUR THE STORE