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The Fall 21 Photoshoot

It’s hard to believe it’s Fall already. Yet here we are launching all these lovely soft fall dresses on the website. Looking back over the photos takes me right back to Franklin, TN where we held the photo shoot. Mark, from Me & Henry, and I had done a road trip a few months before so when October rolled around and we were looking for the perfect place for a fall photo shoot, Franklin was the first place that popped into our heads. If you haven’t been, it’s stunning! Rolling hills and tons of trees. So, we found the most amazing Airbnb… a barn on a farm where they allowed us to take the photos… and even had a few...

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Free Book on COVID-19... for your little one

I admit it... I'm stressed!  I don't know what is too careful or not carful enough... when will this end, will it end, what will the world look like, what will my business look like... and on and on.  We're all living in a constant state of stress right now!  So just imagine how our little ones feel!!!  If we can't sort it all out, how can they?  Luckily, my dear friend, and owner of our 'brother' brand Me & Henry, Mark Jeynes, has written a book just for kids about the coronavirus...

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