The Fall 21 Photoshoot

The Fall 21 Photoshoot

September 10, 2021

It’s hard to believe it’s Fall already. Yet here we are launching all these lovely soft fall dresses on the website.

Looking back over the photos takes me right back to Franklin, TN where we held the photo shoot. Mark, from Me & Henry, and I had done a road trip a few months before so when October rolled around and we were looking for the perfect place for a fall photo shoot, Franklin was the first place that popped into our heads. If you haven’t been, it’s stunning! Rolling hills and tons of trees. So, we found the most amazing Airbnb… a barn on a farm where they allowed us to take the photos… and even had a few kids to model for us!!!  

Off we went, Mark, Jenn, Josh, and I… always ready for exploring a new area and meeting a brand new bunch of kids and parents and grandparents. We arrived at the Airbnb with more luggage than we could count (it almost didn’t fit in the suburban we rented), rushed inside to get set up, and then it poured for three solid days! Not quite the start we were expecting. It did give us time to mix and match all sorts of fun outfits for when we finally did get to take photos and also plenty of time to come up with little vignettes (punny, right?) for all the great fall holidays to take pix in front of. Christmas tree decorating, back to school, pumpkin patch, snowy days… you name it we created it.   

But there’s only so much creativity one can take.. so we took advantage of the unexpected break and explored Franklin and Lieper’s Fork. We went shopping in lovely gift stores, ate at the local diner, went bowling (Josh’s youthful sportiness embarrassed the rest of us), listened to some live music, and even tasted a little whiskey (in the name of getting those creative juices flowing!)

Luckily, on day four, the weather cooperated and we had a full week of amazing kids coming out to model on the farm…. and we even found a cool location called Gravel Road Traditions where they had way more vignettes for photo taking set up then we could ever have dreamed of!!!  

I hope you enjoy all the photos and love the fall line as much as we do. Take a minute to flip through the catalog to get the feel for the full line… happy shopping.