You May Already Know Us From a Past Life

You May Already Know Us From a Past Life

April 07, 2020

We're so excited you found us here at Vignette... but what you may not know, is that you've probably already known us for years as Magpie & Mabel!  

Our story...

In 2001, my best friend Jenn and I designed our first vintage inspired dress and named it "The Madigan Dress" after my oldest daughter... who's now 22!  The success of this one little dress launched an entire boutique line of handmade children's dresses and separates... and from that initial collection, our first line, Magpie & Mabel, was born.

Along the way we've gone from local farmer's markets and craft fairs, to huge wholesale tradeshows... even winning a few awards along the way including an Earnie for Best Girl's Collection and the Red Tricycle Award for Chicest Clothing for Kids.  

One of our true bucket list moments was when the buyer for Anthropologie's BHLDN came into our booth in New York.... deep breath... try not to gush... and they carried a number of our dresses for flower girls... swoon!

All good things must come to an end though... or so we thought!  In 2018 we felt that Magpie & Mabel and its lovely fanciness had run its course.  We still loved the business but our style had moved on.  So the big decision, to close up shop or to let our new passion and inspiration guide us towards a new chapter and a new brand.  We wanted to design for every girl... to create clothes for every moment, not just the special ones.... and so we took the leap once again.....

Vignette was born of a desire to create beautiful, stylish and affordable clothing for Today’s Girls. With it came a fresh, new perspectivea point of view that combines a sweet design sensibility with ease of wear, all at great price points.

Its inspiration is rooted in our own daughters and our mission to raise them into curious, strong, and independent women. That road requires a thirst for adventure, a sense of wonder and healthy doses of fun — experiences Vignette’s clothes are designed addition to being lovely.

Hope you've enjoyed getting to know a little bit about us.... Stay tuned to see what comes next.

xoxo Michele